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More WIP characters

Just a bit more of the character bases I’ve been messing with. Standing pose looks okay so far, but the walking frames are giving me a headache.

**Edit: Also, hair. I like the two styles I’ve come up with for the female bases, but the male hairstyles are kinda.. not good. Especially the darker-complexion male base – the hairstyle shown here doesn’t work at all on him.

**Edit: Progress animation – stand, walk, and crouch put together. Still needs work (crouch especially), but getting closer to usable.

More girl walking

More animation practice:

..Getting better. Bumped up from four to six frames, and revamped pretty much everything; seems a lot more fluid than the last attempt. I’m still getting the hang of shading, and my setup doesn’t help (I have to bump the brightness way up on my TV, or the colors end up really weird).

I think I’d like to keep working on this one, and develop a wide variety of actions; a lot of the open-source sprites available are very high quality, but limited in scope. Hopefully I can develop a few rough sprites with a large range of actions that others will find useful for prototyping.


My big work project is nearly wrapped, so I’ve been reclaiming a few nighttime hours here and there for my hobby work. Here’s my latest practice, a couple of birds in flight for enemies in the upcoming project:

I think the falcon on the right looks better overall, but the colors are a tad too dark (on my current home setup, anyway – looks better at work). I think I need to break away from the usual 256-color palette. At this point it’s clear that I’m not going to port my engine back to the DS, so why adhere to its limitations?

I guess the same argument could be made about the resolution I work in (256×192 screen and max 64×64 sprite size on the DS makes you real stingy with the pixels), but I find low-res NES type stuff about as much as I can handle and still have it look halfway usable.

Anyway, both images will be available on OGA as usual after I’m done smoothing the rough edges – hopefully someone finds some use in them as placeholder art or something.


It’s a bat – my first sprite for the new project, made to replace the awful two-frame moths from the original. CC-By-SA-3.0, available for download at OGA.

NPC Girl

My daily practice, an NPC girl walking:

She needs more walk frames (seems a little jerky), and the shoulders need to sway as she walks – she’s a bit wooden with the arm only moving below the elbow. It’s a start.