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Bits & Bots port

Stumbled across this on the Love2D forums: love-android-sdl2. It’s a native port of Love2D for Android, which allows you to drop a Love2D project onto Android without too much difficulty. As a test run, I’ve been porting Bits & Bots to Love2D – it’s already nearly complete, and I’ve worked in some major improvements over the old version (like finally implementing the buffered background layers). Once I’ve got the Love2D version fully running and tested, I’ll post the .love file around here somewhere.

Also, this:

Another random sighting of the MV-Plat sprites, this time showcasing the capabilities of the upcoming Tethical RPG engine. Check it out!

Skeleton sighting

Another random sighting: Scratch Match by 11thMutant! It’s a Street Fighter-esque brawler, which uses my MV Platformer Skeleton for the fighters. Has some really nice zoom effects (the camera pans in as the fighters approach each other), and looks pretty promising. The author was also nice enough to credit me, even though it wasn’t necessary (CC0). Give it a look!

**Edit: Almost forgot this one – it’s an entry from Github’s Game Off II called ‘CH₃CH₂CH₂CH₂CH₃anges‘, which uses the MV Male Base as the main character. Pretty innovative idea – you must use a combination of powers (melting ice, raising water levels, and killing wildlife) to solve puzzles and progress through the game, and at the end you get graded on how much impact you had on the environment.


Another random sighting of one of my things in the wild (yes, I was Googling myself again), this time a project called Unflattener. It’s a Python library which allows the user to easily create normal maps for dynamic lighting effects; the author, dbohdan, used one of the robots from Bits & Bots as a test case and illustration. Pretty cool stuff, and something I might look into for The Project down the road (once I’ve gotten the basics down, anyway).

Also, another mockup with my latest WIP tileset:

Much better than the last stab at it, I think, though the background is still pretty blah (just one tile, needs some variety). Using the DB32 palette helps a lot, and I spent a bit of time studying some of the old Frogatto tilesets on OGA to get a feel for things like lighting and scale. It’ll be up on OGA, under CC0, whenever I get around to finishing it.

*Edit: Mockup includes UI Pieces licensed under CC0, courtesy of Buch at OGA.

**Edit: Aaand here it is.

Random Sighting!

Stumbled across my bird sprites in the wild! It’s a game called Fall Guy, where you control a man plummeting toward the earth and need to use your wits and a few special abilities to avoid enemies. Really cool to see my work being used in a game – even if it takes a long time to get my own game off the ground, I’m still contributing to the indie scene in small (but useful) ways. Gameplay video: