Monthly Archives: February 2012


It’s a bat – my first sprite for the new project, made to replace the awful two-frame moths from the original. CC-By-SA-3.0, available for download at OGA.


Yeah, screw it. I’m remaking Dragonrider for phase 2. It’ll be a complete overhaul/remake, with entirely new play mechanics – for example, I’d like to do away with the powerup-based magic abilities, and just have each character have its own innate magic attacks. Probably make them more powerful, and not have the magic bar regenerate automatically for most characters. I like the idea of a Street Fighter-like Super Meter, which only refills when you take damage; it’d allow for super powerful ‘desperation’ moves, which the player can use more frequently if they’re getting their ass handed to them by a boss. Maybe even have the meter recharge if the player is near death.

Otherwise, I won’t be calling it ‘Dragonrider’ this time around. It’s been done a thousand times, and I wouldn’t want Ann McCaffrey’s people suing me for trademark infringement. I think I’ll go with the “Something of Somewhere” naming convention, like “Wings of Teracanth” or “Skies of Cendia” or something..