Monthly Archives: July 2013

Random Sighting!

Stumbled across my bird sprites in the wild! It’s a game called Fall Guy, where you control a man plummeting toward the earth and need to use your wits and a few special abilities to avoid enemies. Really cool to see my work being used in a game – even if it takes a long time to get my own game off the ground, I’m still contributing to the indie scene in small (but useful) ways. Gameplay video:

Almost back on track

Still chopping through a few ‘must-play’ games (State of Decay and Chronicles of Mystara), then I’ll be getting back into my hobby dev work. My next task is either to refine my tileset (or find a suitable replacement), or come up with a few simple enemies to add in so my hero isn’t just chopping up bats and ninjas. Ideas:

- Ghostly Hand (just what it sounds like – a floating hand)
- Kobold
- Troll
- Mud Golem
- Goblin (though I’d like this to follow the Humanoid template eventually, to be playable as a race)
- Skeleton (always a classic, and easy to mod into multiple enemies – Skel Archer, Skel Mage, Skel Knight..)
- Spider
- Scorpion
- Slime (!)

Anyone have other ideas for fairly simple creatures? Looking for common platformer tropes which I can (hopefully) animate fairly easily – things with a standard walk/fly animation, maybe one main attack, nothing overly complex.