Monthly Archives: May 2014

Goblin progress

Finally returned to the Goblin Corps sprite set. Not much to show yet, beyond the original concepts, but here’s a quick animation test of the legs and upper body:

I think I’m just about satisfied with the legs, which tend to be the most difficult part for me to get looking right. Still needs some arms tacked on (looks a bit Silent Hill without them) and a lot of shading, and then on to jump, attack, and falling animations. Progress!

*Edit: Got some okay-looking arms on there now. Still needs shading work, but it’s getting there.

**Edit: Walking is looking okay, and I’ve got the jump and all three standing attacks in. Just need fourteen more frames: standing guard, jumping attacks and guard, falling, and KO (wasn’t going to do jumping attacks, but they’re trivial C&P, so why not).

**Edit: Sample spritesheet can be found here. Not ready to fully release it yet – still needs polishing and outfits, and I left in the white/gray grid – but the animations are pretty much complete. On to the outfits, and then it’s ready to release.

**Edit: Full spritesheet for the Grunt here, complete and usable (CC0 as always). Five more outfits to go.

..Also, the Soldier.

..Also, after a month and a half, the Assassin. Just need the Mage robes and hat, and I can call it done and move on to more coding.

B&B-L2D Todo list

Just a couple of things left to do before the Bits & Bots Love2D port is complete:

  • Remove green ‘mouseover’ effect from menu items (since it behaves weirdly on Android)
  • Retouch the ‘about’ text (still need to ask fysx & co. on the Love2D forums how they’d prefer to be credited) (realized it’s all zlib, so current attribution should be fine)
  • Add handling for long frames – e.g. in love.update(), continue without updating if dt > 1 to avoid weirdness with animations when returning from background
  • Create an AudioLibrary class
  • Add a looped song for each game state (menu, gameplay) and some sfx for menu items, in-game buttons, and bot warp effect

Once I’ve got the above items in, I’ll be ready to post my .love and .apk files here (and possibly even submit the app to Google Play!). More soon!

Bits & Bots port

Stumbled across this on the Love2D forums: love-android-sdl2. It’s a native port of Love2D for Android, which allows you to drop a Love2D project onto Android without too much difficulty. As a test run, I’ve been porting Bits & Bots to Love2D – it’s already nearly complete, and I’ve worked in some major improvements over the old version (like finally implementing the buffered background layers). Once I’ve got the Love2D version fully running and tested, I’ll post the .love file around here somewhere.

Also, this:

Another random sighting of the MV-Plat sprites, this time showcasing the capabilities of the upcoming Tethical RPG engine. Check it out!