Still working on it. I’ve almost got my character base done enough to start sketching out a demo. It has 47 unique frames so far, with another 3 needed; once all 50 are complete, I need to clean them up (the shading is inconsistent, to say the least), recolor them to the other base colors (dark and undead), and flesh out two additional skins (ninja and samurai), and it’ll be ready to post on OGA.

Frame list so far:
- Idle x1
- Stand x1
- Walk x6
- Crouch x1
- Stand -> Crouch x2
- High Dmg x2
- Low Dmg x2
- Crouch Dmg x2
- Jump x3 (rising -> air crouch -> falling)
- Standing H Swing x3
- Standing V Swing x4
- Standing Jab x1 (+1 dupe from H Swing)
- Crouching H Swing x3
- Crouching V Swing x4
- Crouching Jab x1 (+1 dupe from H Swing)
- Air H Swing x3
- Air V Swing x4
- Air Jab x1 (+1 dupe from H Swing)
- Standing Block x1
- Crouching Block x1
- Air Block x1
- Air Dmg x2
- Prone (dead/unconscious) x1

I’d like to make additional actions eventually, like running/sprinting and a few more hand-to-hand moves (uppercut, kick), but the above should be a pretty good start toward a Metroidvania-type game. Progress animation:

Yeah, it’s a bit rough and inconsistent, but it’ll be enough to get a demo together to ask for help from a real artist. Still deciding on a license, but I think it’ll be CC0, since it’s fairly low quality, I don’t stand to gain much from attribution (not going into the spriting business anytime soon), and if someone can use it I want them to do so with the least possible hurdles.

Check back soon – more to come!

*Edit: The three block frames are in – just falling and lying down, and we’re good. I do get the nagging feeling that I’m overusing the stock ‘left arm in front’ position – stare at it a while, and it seems like his arm is broken, stuck in a sling or something. Then again, meh. It’s programmer art.

*Moar edit: And that’s all the action frames. I think I’m happy enough with it to lock them in – start cleaning up what I’ve got, then add in the other outfits (ninja and samurai, and maybe one more), and call it good enough for now. The preview gif above showcases all the actions I’ve added in to date.

*Un mas edit: Here’s a link to the spritesheet (WIP).

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