LIV Redux

Got LIV mostly refactored so I can start assembling actual tilemaps – it was mostly hardcoded to 8×8 tiles, which wasn’t doing me any favors. Now I can load my new 16×16 tileset and play with it, which is fun; next up I need to build support for my map format into the engine.

The new tileset and working on LIV again makes me ponder biting the bullet and using Tiled – it’s already polished, fully-featured, and well-supported. I think I stayed away from the format originally because it was a vast amount of overkill for the NDS. All I needed was the tile index and V/H flip bits, and Tiled’s XML format was a lot of chaff to sift through for such a small amount of data; I similarly considered Mappy, which is a much lighter-weight suite, but while Mappy can support almost any format, it doesn’t really feature anything in the way of tile mirroring. The new tileset has upper-left lighting, though, so mirroring is a moot point – I think I need to ditch another habit from my NDS days and embrace better pre-made tools.

As a note, it’s incredibly hard to rework a tileset with Dawnbringer’s 16-color palette, if you didn’t create the art with a limited palette in mind in the first place. Probably not too difficult for a more talented artist, but I am very much a beginner..

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