Another random sighting of one of my things in the wild (yes, I was Googling myself again), this time a project called Unflattener. It’s a Python library which allows the user to easily create normal maps for dynamic lighting effects; the author, dbohdan, used one of the robots from Bits & Bots as a test case and illustration. Pretty cool stuff, and something I might look into for The Project down the road (once I’ve gotten the basics down, anyway).

Also, another mockup with my latest WIP tileset:

Much better than the last stab at it, I think, though the background is still pretty blah (just one tile, needs some variety). Using the DB32 palette helps a lot, and I spent a bit of time studying some of the old Frogatto tilesets on OGA to get a feel for things like lighting and scale. It’ll be up on OGA, under CC0, whenever I get around to finishing it.

*Edit: Mockup includes UI Pieces licensed under CC0, courtesy of Buch at OGA.

**Edit: Aaand here it is.

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