Backgrounds revisited

A while back, I mentioned that Bits & Bots performs pretty poorly: at the title screen, with just two parallax scrolling backgrounds and nothing much else going on, it was using a HUGE amount of CPU time. I had tracked it down to my brute-force background rendering, and I finally got around to implementing the background buffering that I used for my NDS project (one of the few things I did right).

Basically, the background library creates a canvas twice the dimensions of the viewport and renders a chunk of the map to it; as the camera scrolls around this area, a viewport-sized chunk of the canvas is rendered to the active window. When the camera breaks the boundaries of the canvas, the background library renders another chunk of map, centered on the camera. Instead of looking up and rendering every visible tile each frame, it does one simple operation most frames, and only actually renders the background from raw tiles when it’s absolutely needed. Between that and the efficiency of Love2D for everything else, I’m down to only 3% of one core, which I’m pretty happy with.

As an added bonus, thanks to the direction of Ghoulsblade and Co. and the excellent documentation on the Lua Wiki, I built in Tiled map support at the same time. It’s an elegant suite with a lot of cool features, and a hell of a lot easier than trying to constantly fix LIV every time Firefox breaks it.

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