Need to get back to work on the project – been a bit distracted as of late. It’s coming along, though, and the next step will be a big one: Helper objects, which will handle melee attacks and other effects which need to be synced to and overlaid on the character objects.

What’s been distracting me? Arkham Origins, for one thing, which I got for my birthday from my best friends. It has its flaws (weak plot, lots of glitches, and not much new in the combat/gadgets department), but it’s still Batman, dammit. Just wrapped that one up. Otherwise, been getting sucked into Gungrave, which is much better overall than the first episode would suggest. Plotwise, it’s essentially Berserk, but replace ‘medieval’ with ‘mafia’. Action’s decent, and the plot is pretty good.

Anyway, guess I should toss out a copy of what I’ve got so far for a demo. Just need to clean up the source a touch and include licensing, and I’ll post it here.

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