B&B-L2D Todo list

Just a couple of things left to do before the Bits & Bots Love2D port is complete:

  • Remove green ‘mouseover’ effect from menu items (since it behaves weirdly on Android)
  • Retouch the ‘about’ text (still need to ask fysx & co. on the Love2D forums how they’d prefer to be credited) (realized it’s all zlib, so current attribution should be fine)
  • Add handling for long frames – e.g. in love.update(), continue without updating if dt > 1 to avoid weirdness with animations when returning from background
  • Create an AudioLibrary class
  • Add a looped song for each game state (menu, gameplay) and some sfx for menu items, in-game buttons, and bot warp effect

Once I’ve got the above items in, I’ll be ready to post my .love and .apk files here (and possibly even submit the app to Google Play!). More soon!

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