Goblin progress

Finally returned to the Goblin Corps sprite set. Not much to show yet, beyond the original concepts, but here’s a quick animation test of the legs and upper body:

I think I’m just about satisfied with the legs, which tend to be the most difficult part for me to get looking right. Still needs some arms tacked on (looks a bit Silent Hill without them) and a lot of shading, and then on to jump, attack, and falling animations. Progress!

*Edit: Got some okay-looking arms on there now. Still needs shading work, but it’s getting there.

**Edit: Walking is looking okay, and I’ve got the jump and all three standing attacks in. Just need fourteen more frames: standing guard, jumping attacks and guard, falling, and KO (wasn’t going to do jumping attacks, but they’re trivial C&P, so why not).

**Edit: Sample spritesheet can be found here. Not ready to fully release it yet – still needs polishing and outfits, and I left in the white/gray grid – but the animations are pretty much complete. On to the outfits, and then it’s ready to release.

**Edit: Full spritesheet for the Grunt here, complete and usable (CC0 as always). Five more outfits to go.

..Also, the Soldier.

..Also, after a month and a half, the Assassin. Just need the Mage robes and hat, and I can call it done and move on to more coding.

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