Lost track of time, there. Whoops.

So, what’s new with Project SYPHA? Couple of things, over the last version I posted in 2014 (!). It has sound, collision, multiple rooms, rudimentary combat, and more – it’s nearly playable, at least to the point that I’ve finally posted the code in a proper repo. You can find it in two separate repos on GitLab, ‘sypha-engine’ for the engine itself, and ‘mod-noname’ for the game data (scripts, assets, and configs). Not sure how I’m going to end up licensing it – probably very permissive on the engine side (MIT, ZLIB, whatever), and maybe GPL on the data end of things.

Prerequisites for running the demo are a Git client and Love2D v0.10 or better; you can find instructions for cloning the repos here. If anyone wants to help out with art, scripting, mapping, or whatever, sign up for a (free) GitLab account and shoot me an email. Check out the commit logs on GitLab to see what I’ve been up to lately with it, and I’ll have more to see soon!

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