OGA Censorship Challenge

Submitted for OpenGameArt.org’s Censorship Art Challenge:

Turned out rather decent, for a quickie project. I’d say the biggest thing I need to work on is my palette choice – I lack subtlety, and all my art ends up very colorful. While this isn’t a terrible thing in and of itself, it wouldn’t lend itself well to darker themes.

Otherwise, I’m working on a (possibly) better way to generate smallish pixel sprites, in a Castlevania-type style. I’d like to try sketching out low-detail frames on paper, scanning and colorizing them, and then resizing and retouching as 32×64 images; I think the results would have more consistency and detail to them than doing each frame pixel-by-pixel in Gimp. It’ll be an experiment, and it might not work out, but it’s worth trying anyway.

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One Response to OGA Censorship Challenge

  1. Bart K. says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention!

    Also, I just tried Bits & Bots and it’s a cool game. Nice work. :)