My big work project is nearly wrapped, so I’ve been reclaiming a few nighttime hours here and there for my hobby work. Here’s my latest practice, a couple of birds in flight for enemies in the upcoming project:

I think the falcon on the right looks better overall, but the colors are a tad too dark (on my current home setup, anyway – looks better at work). I think I need to break away from the usual 256-color palette. At this point it’s clear that I’m not going to port my engine back to the DS, so why adhere to its limitations?

I guess the same argument could be made about the resolution I work in (256×192 screen and max 64×64 sprite size on the DS makes you real stingy with the pixels), but I find low-res NES type stuff about as much as I can handle and still have it look halfway usable.

Anyway, both images will be available on OGA as usual after I’m done smoothing the rough edges – hopefully someone finds some use in them as placeholder art or something.

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