Mobile Redirects


Dear web developers,

Yes, you have an alternate site layout for mobile devices. Awesome. You win the internet, forever. But do the world a favor, and allow users to set a version preference (preferably in a cookie somewhere).

Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to restrict mobile users unconditionally to a stripped-down, buggy mirror of their site? “Oh, but the regular site isn’t sized properly for a mobile device.” Yeah, most mobile devices manufactured in the last decade have a ‘zoom’ gesture. I shouldn’t be locked into your unnavigable mess of reduced content just because Bob’s still working with a Blackberry his grandkids gave him in 2004. At least give the option of disabling it.

And for those devs who don’t know how to pull off mobile redirects properly (I’ve seen various sites where the redirect is to the main page, rather than just a mobile version of the link you clicked on), just quit. Your work is bad, and you should feel bad.


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One Response to Mobile Redirects

  1. moik says:

    Also, no, I don’t want your goddamn iPhone app. I already have one for accessing your site. It’s called Safari.

    Though it would be nice to find an alternate browser – especially one which doesn’t have “OMG MOBILE” plastered all over the html request, so I can just browse the Internet normally. Any suggestions?