Bits & Bots

Bits & Bots is a simple puzzle game I’ve developed as the first step toward building a game engine; the eventual goal is to make a Metroidvania-type platformer, but I needed something easier to start with to get the basics up and running.

It’s programmed in C++ and Lua, and uses SDL for window management and OpenGL for rendering (I know, that’s an awful lot of horsepower for sub-NES graphics).  I had originally started developing the engine for the Nintendo DS, but several years and two versions of the DS later the homebrew community has lost some steam. So PC it is, and development has sped up immensely.

The source is available for download below; it’s licensed under GPL3.0.  The media will be available at soon, released under the CC-by-SA 3.0 license.

**Update: Bits & Bots has now been ported to Love2D! Downloads:
Windows .exe
Mac/Linux .love
Android .apk

Bits & Bots Title

Bits & Bots Gameplay

Bits & Bots gameplay

Bits & Bots Victory



Source (Updated 2011-12-30)
Linux (Updated 2011-12-30)
Linux 64-bit (Updated 2011-12-30)
Windows (Updated 2011-12-30)


6 Responses to Bits & Bots

  1. qubodup says:

    You tell us motivation and goal, which is good but you don’t tell us what B&B actually is :)

    It’s a real-time puzzle game about figuring out the codes to moving robots around and get them to their targets most efficiently.

    Holding space in main menu removes some of the stars. is this intended? :) It’s fun!

    What would be great: Easter eggs – animations with no effect on some combinations… Perhaps there are some already but I haven’t found them… hmm…

    • moik says:

      Thank you for the feedback!

      The space bar thing in the main menu was a quick debug option I added in (the ‘s’ key kills the other layer) – I left it in for grins.

      I really like your one-line description of B&B – do you mind if I use that from now on?


  2. qubodup says:

    PS: runs on Arch Linux 64bit using the binary :)

    PPS: I applaud your choice of license and your proper crediting of OGA assets! (You might want to get a one-text-file-for-all-asset-license-info if you start using more 3rd party assets)

  3. DusteD says:

    This is a pretty interesting concept! And a fun challenge (it helped me to write down the functions of each button as I learned it).
    Now, another game mode that might be interesting, could be something like “program” mode, where the functions are known, but the player gets an “editor” in which he will punch in the actions, ahead of time, and then he only have a limited amount of tries to get the “program” to execute successfully ?

    • moik says:

      I like the programming idea – it’d be a great way to minimize your score. The scoring system is [seconds*10 + moves*50] with a different rating every 500 points or so, so if executing a whole batch of instructions could count as only one move, it’d knock your score down in a hurry!


  4. DusteD says:

    Ps, the precompiled runs on 32 bit debian testing :)

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